it's only passion

    dairy products

    dairy products

    A big cheesy range from our “white gold”. From our fresh milk to the king of the cheese factory: Granello.


    It’s time to lick their chops with our ice cream. An high level handmade ice-cream line for families and retails.


    We breed with care and we transform the beef meat. A wide choice of cuts to which we paired tasty recipes.
    gli orti

    gli orti

    “The art of sun on the land.” Tomato sauce, ready sauces and vegetables preserved in oil, from our land to your table.
    olive oil

    olive oil

    We take care of a land that has perfect characteristics for olive growing. From here we take the best!
    All our products

    All our products

    All our products are Km Ø away. We do everything in our company and we do not leave anything to chance.
    it's only passion
    We take care of our territory since 60 years
    Who we are

    Who we are

    Handmade diary products farm



    A breeding of 1500 cattle and 486 cows. Our calves were born in our firm under the expert and careful eyes of the most capable veterinaries, who leave birth to occur naturally.



    In the greenest Italian area, in the luxuriant plain near the riverside of the Clitunno our firm was born which, at first sight, appears like a big isolated house in the middle of the valley of Spoleto.



    A wide range of choice to satisfy all people, from ricotta to stracchino, from yoghurt to mozzarella and caciotta, finally we arrive to the main king of the cheese factory (twelve kilograms per form), the Granello.

    Nature is their mother! She offers them the cleanest air, the freshest food of the day and wide fields where to find it, plenitude of transparent water and all the love thay need to make them grow healthy and nice!! And we? It’s 60 years that we have been trying to protect all these things to find them in every sip of our milk! Passion for cows is the biggest treasure we jealously pass from generations to generations.
    Calves are lovely controlled and after this first period where the only thing they eat is milk, they are ready for weaning. From now on our role is essential; from now they’ll eat exclusively hay with four elements which integrate feeding with the balanced provision of starch, vitamins and proteins.

    Hay? At the beginning it is a long green field exclusively cultivated in our fertile lands. They are fertilized only with cow manure. Hay rises naturally and when it has has reached the right height is ready to be: cut, picked and stowed. The four natural elements which integrate their diet are: corn, the excellent cereal, soy, rigorously cultivated in Italy and where we find noble proteins; grain and barley, for carbohydrates and starch; finally oats, the natural energizing. Our animals are fed by our arms and by the help of good technology: a mixer car which distributes in equal portions the mixed food. The female calves are left to grow up according to their biological rhythm and when they become heifers they are ready to have a calf to start producing milk!! This is how we succeed in having our white gold!!

    Morella Farm, a little firm always led by our family in the agricultural sector, has been working for years in dairy products too, with the purpose of offering fresh and genuine products as they were in the past.
    Our staff is principally formed by Marcelloni family. Mauro, the “householder” always busy with the management of the whole firm, The three children, Marta, Manuel and Mariarita, involved since they were children in the production and commercial sectors.

    Rita, “the mom”, is everyday busy in the little store in the firm. History, culture and Trevi’s countryside are the perfect context for this dynamic family’s heart.
    Knowledge, industriousness and daily dedication are the bases of people who work for their passion every day, watching the rising of the sun and believing in a dream.



    An island of taste where Nature and Mankind (in love with Her) live together and Good Technology respects what has been created before her. Dairy products and so on; fresh meat, handmade ice-cream, tomato sauce, ready sauces and empha. From the same soil, from the same animals, from the same hands where oil can’t miss!


    Our ancestors said to us “to have a good milk you need to have good cows and to have good cows you need to know where they were born and what they ate”. This is the first law! Our calves were born in our firm and we take care of everything from the beginning. Please, notice that on our label you will find the A.S.L. CODE ( ASL is the Local Sanitary Agency), written in yellow, which identify our firm, a further brand of quality.


    We take care of everything from the beginning, because we would like to offer you quality. It’s the natural taste supply chain. Each cow is milked two times a day; and milk? We work it by ourselves! And cheese? Don’t wrry, we guarantee that it will come fresh on your tables. This is our secret: we are the only one in Umbria who open and close the supply chain!



    The environmentally-friendly supply chain





    Fattoria Morella has the purpose of reducing the quantity of plastics used to pack our dairy products. With this perspective it has already reached the first outcomes with a decrement of the plastic used and of the plastic inserted again in the environment.



    Since 2012 the company has begun a new process of wastewater depuration, removing all the chemical substances which were previously used for the treatment of those waters. They started being cleaned through a biological depuration using bacteria suitable for the digestion and for wastewater.



    Morella Farm is planning, within 2014, to start working on a biogas plant powered by biomass, creating a renewable energy source powered only by animal manure, without using any kind of soil to cultivate fermentable products.

    In our area air is cleaner, food is freshly made, water is transparent and abundant. We have been trying to protect all these things for years.
    Our purpose is to safeguard our good health as we know that is determinate by what we eat, by what we breathe and by the environment around us.
    We’re trying to protect these things for the future generations with the hope they will have the same purposes.
    We’re used to give a great value to the little daily things; and we can confirm that, in the morning, breathing the pure smell of wet vegetation is one of the joys we’d like to communicate to our children.
    With this industrious and confident mood, we assert the idea that every sunrise is good to improve our ecosystems.

    We’re friends of our lands. We’re able to take the best from them and we’d like to transmit it with dedication. It’s expensive in terms of time, fatigue and money. But our results comfort us everyday. Our sustainable behavior make us guarantee high quality products; strength for the future and a guarantee for our children.



    Our distribution

    Fattoria Morella
    Fattoria Morella
    Retail and wholesale

    Sale point, retail and wholesale where you can find our products, a few metres away from our breeding and our fields.

    Manuel Marcelloni
    Manuel Marcelloni
    Retail and wholesale

    Production and export sector manager. He took a degree in Economy and Commerce, he has been involved in the firm since he was a child.

    Marta e Maria Rita Marcelloni
    Marta e Maria Rita Marcelloni
    Retail and wholesale

    Private commercial sector and GDO managers. Marta (who has a degree in Law) and MariaRita (who has a scientific diploma), have always been involved in the commercial sector of the firm.



    You can find our products in our stores of GDO and DA in Umbria, Tuscany and Marche. A lot of commercial operations in catering (ristorazione commerciale) use our products.
    In our little store in Loc. Marroggia, Fraz. Bovara, 09039, TREVI (PG), you can find our farm’s products. We’re looking forward to being contacted by you!

    Il Frantoio del Gusto, All 0 Km



    The “Frantoio del Gusto”(The Oil’s Mill of Taste), starts with the purpose of giving a new vision of the 0Km food, the organic and the seasonality. Our culinary proposal aims to be the natural continuation of the work that we are bringing forward with Fattoria Morella

    A warm and cozy place where tradition perfectly marries innovation! Where you can relax starting the day with the fantastic Kopi Luwak’s coffee flavour and then later enjoy grilled meat tastings strictly from the producer to the consumer!  The direct contact with the customer it’s our first objective, so that we can only listen your needs…

    The best way to start the day it’s a good breakfast. There’s nothing better then smell the fragrance of the bread and brioches just baked just like long time ago. This is the fantastic experience that you can have at “Il Frantoio del Gusto”… you will be so comfortable that you are going to  want to wear pajamas!

    A large vaiety of 0km flour, suitable to every needs, our homemade jams with the farm’s product and to leave us full of energies you’ll have to try our juices, smoothies and coffees that will satisfy the most delicate palates! You don’t have time to stay? No Problem! “Il Frantoio del Gusto” gives you the chance of a high quality TAKE AWAY!

    A super provided Gastronomy department that will make your mouth watering only looking at it! Excellent 0km products from our farm! Don’t forget the meat…  we raise, work and transform beef meat. To your disposal there will be butchers that will offer you advices for the best cuts and the most tastefull recipes.


    Have you ever tried to taste the “just milked” milk? Tasting our dairy products will be almost an extrasensory experience! The “Fattoria Morella” it’s a 0 km farm and with a short supply chain, from more than 60 years it ensures a very high level of quality of its products, transforming/working its farm’s milk.

    Our love for the tradition is our strenght. A large choice that can satisfy anyone, from ricotta to stracchino, to yoghurt, to mozzarella, to caciottas and finally to gelato! Enough with the usual sandwich that in reality it’s never how it looks! With our meat from the farm… we want to show you the real ITALIAN PANINI following the tradition.

    Our calfs born inside Fattoria Morella under the careful and expert look of the best veterans, nature is their mom! She offers them the freshest air, the freshest daily food and large plains where to find it, transparing water in abundance and all the love that you need to make the calfs grow in a healthy way! This is how our cattle works. After this bucolic image you still don’t want to come and have lunch by us?







    Who doesn’t know the very ancient tradition of the Trevi’s Oil? The green gold it’s synonym of excellence and love for its own territory. Il Frantoio del Gusto starts right from here… from the ancient cooperative Trevi’s Oil. It’s here where we continue the tradition without forgetting the innovation!


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